Lloyds 2016 Intake

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Heya did you get a place yet? I got my email last Thursday mine is on 1st March so plenty of time to prepare! Anyone else have the consumer and product management AC on 1st March?


Oh that’s brill! Plenty of time to prepare and research! I got an email last week after I asked for a call back with an update and their response was that they are assessing their business needs and that I might be invited to the AC. Doesn’t sound good


Hi! Out of curiosity, when did you apply? I’m still waiting post video interview and they’re still assessing business requirements…


Thanks! Oh that sounds strange doesn’t it? Keep hope up as a lot of people said they were waiting 2/3 weeks before they got an AC date!


I’m checking my email every day lol. It’s just so frustrating not knowing. Don’t know what are they waiting for. I know there’re AC’s this month so unless they are waiting to see how many people will pass first? If that’s the case, then I think it’s really unfair way of recruiting




Ohhh…they could have told me that when I asked for an update and they replied on Monday reinstating that they needed to check the business requirements. When did you find out? Well done on passing the AC though! Will you accept the risk offer? And I applied in November…I should’ve applied earlier.




How soon after your AC’s did you receive the successful call or rejection email? I’m not sure how many days it will take to hear back from them, there’s so much conflicting info!


Man I hope I get offered a place in the graduate scheme after my summer internship, I can’t get through this again in 6 months!


Received a grad offer for Business Management and Operations, I’m happy to give advice if anyone needs, this forum has been helpful!


Congratulations! How many vacancies were there Business Management and Operations?


Thanks! I’m not sure. Was given a stat that Lloyds look to fill 400 grad roles, but 200 are taken up by interns returning so there are only 200 places left overall


Do you know if all grad places have been filled for the Customer Operations? I’m still waiting on my AC date but losing hope now


Congratulations!! When did you have your AC? How long did you have to wait to receive an offer?


Sorry, I’m not sure, it literally depends on business needs. They’ll book AC dates in the future but then if they fill by then, they’ll cancel them I guess or maybe offer you a diff service line. They kept stressing that we were not in competition with one another and that if we all demonstrated the standard criteria to join we would all get offers, so it’s hard to predict when they will fill, as some ACs will be particularly successful and some not so much. When did you apply?


Thank you! It was last Weds, so waited just over a week!


Thank you! I applied in December but got my congratulations e-mail after video interview on the 17th of Jan. My own really should’ve applied earlier! I’m checking my email everyday hoping for the date, but I know there were AC this month and being 2nd of Feb I really doubt i’lol be invited. Congratulations on your offer though! Your posts have been super helpful


Just rang them and asked if there were any spaces left on a scheme…and there are! Asked to be booked and I now got an AC date for the 22nd if this month! So so happy! Could you advice at all on where to start? What in your opinion should I focus on?


I just managed to get a date for AC on 22nd of this month! Whoop whoop!