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Hi guys, I’ve noticed there isn’t a thread for the Lloyds banking group graduate programme. Let’s try to help each other through the process. I have a video interview in the next seven days for the commercial banking programme and was wondering if anyone has had it before? what are the questions like?

Many thanks


after how many days did you hear for the next stage after completing application form and the situational test?


3 weeks!


Any tips? Still waiting for mine so want to prepare before I get it sent through.


Have you had your interview yet? I just got an email to take mine. Could you please share your experience?


hey! i haven’t taken mine yet. i am going to complete it over the weekend most likely. i am anticipating it will be a strengths based interview but don’t know too much else about it really. i think we may be the first ones to have it this year


Hey guys,
I just got the video interview email today. From what I have read from former applicants the video interviews are held around this time, and the first AC’s are during the last two weeks of November. They usually inform you at max a week or so before the AC, so be prepared.
Additionally, the questions asked seem to be the same for everyone:
12 Questions with 90 Sec answers and 30 sec prep.
Why Lloyds? What research have you done into the company? Why the service line? What Skills do you bring?
Then a few competencies: Communication? Helping others? Overcoming a challenge? Innovation? etc.
And then come questions about ethics, serving customers and such.
Hope that helps. Good Luck guys. Remember to share your experiences, whomever takes it. =)


hey! could you please share how it went after you took it :slight_smile: I hope it was good!


Hey superman.forever, I was wondering if you’ve sat the interview yet, if so do you remember the questions? Thanks in advance!


Hi, can anyone remember the questions they were asked during the video interview? Cheers!


Hi have you completed you’re interview? If so please may you share you’re experience


Hi have you completed you’re interview? If so please may you share you’re experience


Guys. there are 9 questions. I don’t remember all of them exactly but i’ll do my best to guide you.

Prepare for Why lloyds, what did you learn about lloyds whilst completing the application, why your chosen divison - rest are competency. have examples ready about working in a team, challenging yourself, changing processess. you will have 90 seconds to answer the question (so answer quick, i found myself running out of time quite often) and you will have 30 seconds to prepare.


Thank you superman.forever for all the questions! I am applying for an internship and got an email saying I was successful in the first stage and would be invited to the next stage. But it’s been more than a week and I still haven’t heard back, so I am wondering how long it took them to get back to you? Thank you very much!


I applied on the first day and found out I had passed in about a week, but was told about the video interview invite about 3 weeks later.


Have you been told hat you have passed the video interview?


What were the questions you got asked?


I haven’t had my interview yet, I’m still waiting for the invite.


Hey guys,
Let’s keep each other updated when we start hearing back for the assessment centres. Based on previous years, it should be between now to 20th November.


No I meant to say that they’re probably going to start sending out invites and rejections for AC’s from next week, so let’s keep each other updated on that.