Lloydes Banking Group 2014 intake


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’ve got a telephone interview on Tuesday next week for the Lloyds finance graduate scheme, has anyone had a telephone interview yet for 2014 intake?
I’d be very grateful if you could help give an insight into what the questions are like! Or if you had a finance phone interview last year and could give me some pointers of what to expect. Thanks!


Hi, I’ve got a phone interview on Wednesday 30 for the Commercial Banking - Products scheme, would much appreciate if you shared some details of how it went. Good luck for you tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Hi people, I had my interview for finance not too long ago. The questions are as said in previous threads, nothing new(only had one competency). I thought my interview went pretty well, but I failed for some reason.


Hi fiksi,
Same here. I did my telephone interview for finance today. The questions are totally the same with what were shared by the previous forums. Why Lloyds? Why Finance programme? the differences between Finance and other programmes? How do customer facing role affect your decision to apply? what are current issues to Llodys? (require to give more details and how to solve it) Can you give me an example of when you worked with a team and achieved the best?
Also, the HR always interrupted me, which frustrated me a little. I thought I gave good answers for my interview, but I received the declined email just few hours later with no real responses as to why.


Hi yesnocannotsay, I think my questions were exactly the same(I was asked why finance 2-3 times, just rephrased so I didn’t know what else to say, lol). I was extremely well prepared, I thought I showed very good motivation, knew about markets, Lloyds etc. but got a fast reject. I was almost certain I passed.

It is really frustrating, but nothing we can do. I have other stuff going and hope it works out. Let me know how it goes for you, gl.


Had my first interview last thursday for Commercial Banking - Products. Notified about an hour later that I failed despite thinking it went quite well. I read on these forums that they really grill you about your knowledge of lloyds so I thoroughly researched this. I want to meet these people who are actually getting through because they must know Lloyds inside out!! Very frustrating due to the time I spent on this.


Yeah, don’t worry about it. It gave us more experience! I have some other interviews in this week as well. Best wishes!


Don’t worry about it. I believe the more interviews we join the more knowledge we learn about that industry and companies. Best wishes for your job application!


Anyone had a grad AC for coverage yet?


How long does it take Lloyd’s to invite you to online tests? I think I’m being rejected…


Ive got the AC for products next week


Well done. How long did you wait to hear until you received an invite to online testing, and how wa your phone interview. I think peeps on here would like some tips please :smiley:


Applied on the day they opened - this was sometime back in September. Invited to tests a few days later. Telephone interview invite a week later and AC invite 2 days ago.


Hey thanks for that. It may be I’m still in the system as I applied last Monday to the insurance one and have heard nothing yet. What sort of questions did you face at interview please? Was it why Lloyd’s etc?


Hi guys,

How long did people wait till they hear back from their telephone interview?
Mines been more than a week ago and I haven’t heard back!
I guess this means I haven’t made it, shame :frowning:




At the end of my interview they said they will get back to me via email in ten days. I had mine on the 28th October.
What role are you applying for?
I have seen online that they have closed some programmes.


Anyone know if they have started Coverage ACs for grads?




Oh really, I thought they said 2-7 days at my interview. yeah I’ve seen online as well that they closed some programmes, which is why I thought I haven’t made it. I have applied for the finance programme.


I have applied for finance too, still haven’t heard :frowning:


Well on the basis they are sending quick fire rejection emails it seems like being kept waiting is a good sign…