Littlejohn Interview


Does anybody have any experiences of an interview at Littlejohn? I have read the other thread about Littlejohn but any additional information would be much appreciated. Thank you.


hey had one around 9 months ago for a 2011 august in take. it’s an interview with the hr person, mostly questions about teamwork, deadlines, how well you work under pressure etc usual hr crap. then its a partner/manager who asks you a bit more about accountancy. the best thing is to know alot about the firm and be well versed on the position youre gong for. pretty usual to be honest.


Hi I have an interview for an AAT position coming up soon with Littlejohn. Could anyone provide hints/tips or talk about the questions that were asked during the interview?


Hi. Has anyone had a partner interview with Littlejohn recently? I have one coming up next week and would appreciate any advice, comments or feedback. Thanks!