Littlejohn interview anybody?


I’ve got an interview with the Littlejohn firm of accountants coming up, and the interview is in the form of a discussion based around questions I prepare, on the topics of the firm, the division and the accountancy profession in general. I was wondering if anyone has any experience, either with Littlejohn directly or a similar type of interview?
Thanks for any information.


Hi I am interviewing with HAT group shortly. I hope I get to choose little john, what uni are you from and what degree do you study?


Hi angelofthenorth,

Assuming you’ve already had your face to face interview at the HAT office, what sort of questions and competencies did they ask for?..
My Interview for AAT Trainee is tomorrow so any extra help would be much appreciated…

Did you get the job offer with LittleJohns in the end?

Thanks :slight_smile:


My interview with HAT consisted of expanding on the questions I was asked in the telephone interview: about yourself, choice of degree etc and then competency questions.
Some of the ones I was asked were:
Give me an example of your written communication skills.
Give me an example of your oral communication skills.
Tell me about a time when you have overcome an obstacle.
Give me an example of a time when you have had to pay attention to detail.
Commercial awareness questions: recent news stories.
Details of whichever qualification you are going for (ACA, AAT etc) and their training scheme.
They’re all the ones I can remember but I think there were a few more.
Hope this helps!

(I still haven’t had my interview yet, so no news on the job front!)


Thanks for your help. When your interview?


LittleJohn told me it would be a “discussion around questions i had formed” too, but in actual fact it was the same as any other interview. A barrage of competency questions. My Interview lasted 2 hours!


hi, was the 2hours all interviewing you or was a large part the questions you had for them? also what competency questions did they ask you? any help would be appreciated!


Hi I have an interview for an AAT position coming up soon with Littlejohn. Could anyone provide hints/tips or talk about the questions that were asked during the interview?


Hi ba69 - I’ve got an interview with Littlejohn next and was wondering if you could tell the structure of yours, and if you had any advice?

Many thanks,