list on IB page


Hi, there was until recently a list of uni’s on the IB wiki page of which employers find graduates from most desirable. I was wondering whether anyone still has this list, or a rough idea of what was on it? Thanks for the help


It should still be there. If not, try this list - [[Russell Group]].


No, got taken off a while ago i think, it was quite handy though.
So a russel group uni would be best,but I assume some of the 1994’s are also acceptable?, e.g. york, exeter, durham, bath?


Omg! - I thought Russell Group was just the top 6 Universities in the country - but Mine is on there!


Or if you believe the FT then only Oxbridge will do


The FT is right, for investment banks at least. Most are only recruiting from Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial, with others also looking at candidates from Warwick and LSE.


depends on who’s reading the CV. I’m from LondonMet and still got IB interviews… Most rejected my application straight away though…