List of Investment Banks


Does anyone know where I can find a list of investment banks or a list of investment banks with graduate schemes or graduate intakes? :confused:


Hey, have you seen this - - it could be quite helpful!


The big investment banks take on the most graduates, they are:
[]Lehman Brothers
]Goldman Sachs
[]Morgan Stanley
]Merrill Lynch
]Credit Suisse

These are the bulge bracket, i.e. the biggest:


I used milkround - it has a really extensive list of graduate employers and as well as IB there are other finance/leadership type grad schemes for backups!


Thanks guys! This has been really useful … Si - have used milkround in the past, not overly impressed with it… not really specific enough really… ciao!!


Sorry! Good luck job hunting.


circumflex (!) are you still at uni and applying for IBD next year?


Hey dude, I graduated last summer, went travelling and am now getting the f e a r - need a city job!!! …IBD sounds pretty good, crazy hours tho… how about you? Where you studying at? Where you applying to? Got any interviews?! I, so far, have not!



Travelling sounds cool. Yeah I’ve had quite a few offers. I’ve accepted at JPMorgan doing Fund Management so should be good I hope - starting Sept (I’m at King’s at the moment).

Good luck with the hunting - I’m sure you’ll do great!


Hey Silondon I don’t know if you’d be up for this but the JPMorgan profile on WikiJob is probably in need of a bit of a restructure/rewrite; would you be able to help?



Yes of course - not really sure how to add to it though!


…that would actually be really helpful. I’m thinking of applying there too!

Can you just add to wikis like on wikipedia or do you need to log in? Can you explain how to do it chris?


It’s dead easy - just like wikipedia. You don’t have to log in or anything. Just go on the page and there are edit buttons on each paragraph and a big edit button at the top to edit the whole article. Make your changes and click save, and it’s published straight away!

Thanks guys!


SiLondon - any help you could give describe your application/assessment process at the investment banks would be really great. Would you still be up for this? Could you let us know where you applied to/interviewed at? Cheers!