Likelihood of Graduate offer after Summer Internship (RB GBM)?


Hi guys, I’m in a bit of a dilemma here. I have recently been offered a summer internship at RBS GBM, which I am over the moon about, as it was my last chance of any kind of internship!
However, I have also been offered a Graduate job somewhere else (not a bank) to start in september, just after the internship.

Now this is my problem, I am currently a final year student and have told RBS I will be pursuing a Masters afterwards (unlikely), but instead will probably go travelling for the year! (Does anybody know if RBS mind this? Am I okay to say I am no longer pursuing a masters)
Like I said earlier, I have also been offered a guaranteed Grad job to start in september, which would mean scrapping these plans.
So does anybody know how likely it is that I will be offered a full time role at RBS for the following year (2013)? If it is pretty likely, Im inclined to decline the other job offer, pursue my internship, take a gap year, and start back at RBS.
Or the other option is to accept both, do my internship at RBS, and the commence my grad role at the other company. However if RBS do offer me a grad role after my internship, Its not really right to work at the other company for a year is it?

I’m really confused right now and would like to know of anyones experiences with RBS.



Usually, they convert quite a lot… but given the extreme instability of IB now, and big changes at RBS, you never know. They broke some contracts just before people were supposed to start work…

RBS are quite strict about masters, so you could be in trouble if you don’t take it.

Perhaps your best bet is to start a safe grad contract you have… you could try to do both, not sure. Bottom line is, banking is not the safest industry now.