LIDL interview


Hello everyone,

I have an interview at Lidl next week (for the Ditrict Manager Programme), which was preceded by a number of rather strange events. Sorry, if my post will be long, but I think it’s necessary to describe it in detail so that someone of you guys can actually help me.

I applied with Lidl at the beginning of May and 2 days later I received a letter stating that they would love to meet me, but they haven’t finalised dates so they would keep in touch. For the following 6 weeks or so I have been calling and emailing them to find out whether there has been any progress. Usually I would either be forwarded to someone who didn’t have a clue or be told that the responsible person is on holidays. Mid of June I wrote another email asking what is happening and finally received a reply saying that there are no interview in the near future and that I should try and re-apply from September onwards. Surprisingly, less than a week later, I received a letter in which I am invited for an interview and presentation. The interview will be with one of the Senior Managers and with the presentation, the whole process should take about 3 hours. I called to confirm my attendance and asked what kind of presentation that is and whether I have to prepare something to present etc. I was told that members from the senior management team will hold a presentation on the company.

Now to my questions:

  • The usual recruitment process at Lidl seemed to always have a group interview first and then a final personal interview. What do you guys think about the fact that I have been invited directly to a personal interview? Should I take that as something positive? Did anyone else make the same experience?

  • Assuming that the whole thing will take 3 hours, what kind of questions should I expect (apart from the obvious ones about me, my CV and why I want to work with them)?

I would highly appreciate any comments on my experience and my questions. Many thanks in advance guys!


Hi AnJay,

I hope that your interview went well.

If you would be so kind, can you shed any light on how your interview went? Did you have to carry out any presentations or was there any group work involved?

My sister has an interview with LIDL coming up but it is for a Store Manager Scheme. She is sceptical about using these forums for her own reasons but I think they are great as they can be very informative.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ash


Hey Ash

Well, on that day of the interview there were about 25 other people. We all were brought into a “meeting room”, asked to sign in and shown a short film about LIDL. The guy then basically presented the Store Manager Scheme, what it entails etc etc. He made very clear that everyone who thinks it’s not for them could leave right there and then…

Even though I applied for something else and few other too, they invited everyone to the same thing. After the presentation and a questions session where we had a chance to ask questions, we were called out one by one to be interviewed individually. The questions asked were general competency based questions as well as questions about the CV and reasons for applying.

I was not successful at this stage, so I don’t know anything about the stages coming afterwards. I hope my information is of any help to your sister.



Hi Anna,

Thanks for your reply, I have past on the info to my sister who really appreciates it. She is glad that there is no presentation or group work at this stage but I expect there to be one of these exercises in the latter stages of the process if she is succesful that is.

Sorry to be a pain, but from your experience what would be good questions to ask during the question and answer session. I have told my sisters to ask what the person holding the presentation what he/she likes and dislikes about their own job but I feel this would be more suitable for the one2one interview.

Apart from the standard questions about training etc, neither of us can really think of anything very constructive.

Also if you dont mind me asking, is there anything that my sister should prepare for the interview and were there any questions that you were asked that threw you off line?

Again any help is much appreciated. My sister graduated over a year ago now and is eager to find a suitable role and feels the role at Lidl is ideal for her so your info is really appreciated.

Thanks, Ash