Liberum Capital - Graduate Position


Hi guys,

Has anybody else applied to Liberum Capital? I have telephone interview coming up and i was wondering if anyone had any tips?



They will just go through your CV and your motivations to work for Liberum and the investment banking industry in general.


Hi dkotecha,

I have my telephone interview with Liberum Capital tomorrow. Have you had your interview? Any tips as to what to expect?

Hope it went well and thanks in advance.



How did your telephone interview go? I have mine on Friday.

Do you have any tips or knowledge regarding what to expect?

Hope you smashed it!



I had mine last week and havent heard anything yet, has anybody else?


how did your interview go, what questions did they ask, etc?

I wont worry too much about them replying late, they might just want to finish all interviews (which is end of next week)


Hey i had mine a couple weeks ago, emailed them a few days ago n the interviews finish 20th may,roughly 20 go through. I was told I would be put through by interviewer, did anyone else have the same feedback?


openthedoor who was your interviewer?


no offence but not gonna say online, they may have just said that to me to keep me happy so was just wondering if anyone else had the same


Has anyone heard back from Liberum yet?


I got an email from them this afternoon saying i’m thru to the second interviews


had my second round today. Presentation took a serious back seat to a savage grilling about US / UK equity markets. Know your stuff or be stuffed! They told me at the end I hadn’t made it through.


@JC1986: What questions did they ask in general for the interview? I was only asked competencies to follow up on my presentation and had a brain teaser which I stuffed up. I’m a bit worried because my interview (including the presentation) only lasted around 40 minutes.


Usual equity market climate questions for US / UK, and some competencies… All in all a mixed bag. Don’t be worried re timings, i think that’s quite normal.


I had the second round interview recently as well. Forty mins long, competency questions a brain teaser and that was about it. No grilling on the markets at all, just general questions. Seemed like a get to know you rather than a grilling.


what was the brainteaser?


Obviously not going to share that with you online honey


I’m not your honey, creep…


What’s the point of keeping the brainteaser to yourself? its not like you made it through that stage