LGBT banking events: Are you ready?


A company WikiJob works closely with is organising a range of careers events designed to help employers attract and retain diverse workforces. They are looking to build on their success – drawing on top talent from the LGBT community. To do so they need to better understand LGBT students. Events are normally held in the autumn term and aimed at first and second years, but they are concerned students won’t feel comfortable about coming out in such a public way at this early stage in their university career.

Research shows that the average age at which people are coming out has fallen and we are really interested to hear your thoughts on this…
What is your experience? How would you feel about attending an LGBT banking event in your first or second year of university? And how can we let more students know these opportunities exist?


Came out to my parents and close friends about 2 years ago but I’ve not openly discussed with my peers at university. Coming out to family and friends was nowhere near as bad as I had feared. Its about time employers took diversity more seriously as I’m sure more students will come out of the closet knowing there’s a support base and understanding of LGBT issues in the work environment. Knowing what I know today I would consider attending LGBT events, but not in finance as this is not my degree specialism. Well done wikijobs for willing to openly discuss these issues. I look forward to reading other experiences.