Level of competition for London Big 4



I was asked earlier by someone else wanting to apply to the Big 4 in London what the level of competition is for the average Audit or Tax graduate scheme place

. Does anyone have any idea? I know CF and Consulting tend to be tougher to get in to but figures on these would be good too.

I ask because I’ve a fair idea of what the figures are for other industries, specifically legal and banks, but not for the Big 4 in any service line.


I’ve heard each Big 4 firm receives around 25000-35000 applications for 1000ish spots nationwide (E&Y say 650 on Times Top 100 but a few recruitment staff have said it’s 1000 this year). I’m not sure how that breaks down into internship/graduate positions. From the recruitment teams I’ve asked, there’s generally 250-350 spots for London offices for each Big 4 firm.

Those numbers cover all business lines (I don’t know the specifics for audit, tax, consultancy, etc - but take into account that audit will be more competitive considering it’s generally more popular).


Yes, early application is the trick. Having said that, there was a last minute recruitment rush in August last year to fill vacancies for the beginning of September and a few people applied late August and were offered places to start two weeks later.
littlelegs, are you sitting the CF prof qualification or ACA?