LEK - first round telephone interviews (London)


Hi guys!

Has anyone had first round telephone interviews for LEK in London?

I will have one next week (1 dec 2010). It is going to be two 45 minute telephone interviews. Does anyone know what to expect? Qualitative? Quantitative? Case? What type of questions? etc. Grateful for all advice I can get!

Thanks a lot!



Zlatan: when did you submit your application? The deadline was 21 Nov…trying to figure out if they waited until the 21st to review all applications, or if they started reviewing applications well before the 21st…



@rain2010: a couple of weeks ago. When I sent it in I was informed that they were to respond within 15 working days. It seemed like an automatic response. Thus, they probably started reviewing applications well before the 21st… // Z


Zlatan: How was your telephone interview? It would be great if you could share your experience…


For LEK anyone received the e-mail stating they will get a response in 4 to 15 business days and havent heard anything?? I submitted mine in late October!!



Rejected. Need some more case practice and it will work out fine.

Easy & friendly interviewers.

Got estimations questions:

  1. a) Estimate market for boliers in country X? b) How would a PE firm reason if they were to enter that market (2)?

  2. Estimate market for new car wheels in country x?

I recommend weetfeet guide for practice.

Good luck!



Here is another: Estimate the lightbulb market in the UK