Lehman Bros collapse - affect on others

Lehman Brothers


Hi all

I am just answering a question for the intern app for Barcap, and was looking for a push in the right direction.

What are peoples thoughts are on how exactly the collapse of Lehman Brothers will affect the other banks now, in particularly BarCap? I understand there will be huge uncertainty within the market, and banks will be reluctant to lend to each other, and share prices will fall, but will Barclays be hit hard or are they big enough not to rely too much on loans from other banks?

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!


dunno, but there’s a lot of rumours that hiring’s complete at barcap


I think this BarCap recruitment, like recruitment at most of the remaining investment banks and probably other city firms too, will reflect what happens this week and next with regard to the proposed American bank bailout.

The collapse of Lehman is relatively insignificant, compared to what’s happening more generally in the global economy.


It was for the summer internship rather than the grad scheme, I didn’t think that was complete yet? I could be wrong.

Thanks for the comments.