Legal and General graduate scheme


Anyone heard back from L&G about the actuarial graduate scheme?



I haven’t! The deadline is 31st Dec 09, so I assume they will start shortlisting and informing candidates thereafter.


Has anyone got the email to do the online tests (Kenexa type) yet? If so has anybody done them yet and how were they.
I haven’t done Kenexa before.


Yeah, I got the email too and I’ve never done these kenexa tests before



Did any one complete the tests yet? Were they just numerical and verbal??? Not too great at the logic ones!


Just did them. Its just numerical and verbal. Personally didn’t do that well in them, only answered 14/20 in numerical where I know at least 3 of my answers were guesses. Mixed feelings about verbal.
Good luck


Just did them myself. Didn’t do that great in numerical either…was doing well for time then suddenly must have slowed down and out of time. Answered 15/20 also went through some quite fast.

Verbal was v difficult. They stuffed every sentence full of words! Struggled with the practice test but had to do the real test as working later.

Good luck.


anyone heard back about the tests??


I qualified the tests and then took the telephone interview (quite brief abt 15 mins) and they said after that I would hear back from them by 31st January if I am shortlisted. Still waiting


when did they get back to you about the tests? and what type of questions did they ask in the phone interview?


Did anyone apply for their recent actuarial intake?

I took their Kenexa tests recently and was told they would be reviewing results throughout this week.
Personally I find the Kenexa tests the most difficult, Numerical was okay until last couple of questions which were stupid hard. The verbal test must have been set to maximum difficulty since most of the texts were quite inaccesible.

How did other feel it went? Heard any news on their upcoming AC?


hey I am also applying for the actuarial program at L&G. Can you tell me how many questions there were in the numerical and verbal.tests? Thanks


Can anyone tell me how many questions there are in numerical and verbal online tests? Thanks


20 questions for numerical, about 32 for verbal. If I remember correctly. Shouldn’t the tests been done by now?


Just got the phone interview. Got re-asked the application questions.

Good luck.


I took the phone interview and just had an email today saying that I have been invited to an interview. I presume I must have passed the phone interview? Any ideas? Also there are no interview slots available - bit confusing:S

Will this be a competency based interview?? And is there an assessment day? Thanks everyone:)


Yeah, I had one of those emails on sunday, and one on the 17th. I cant book either…

I contacted them , but no reply. very wierd. also because I was told I wouldnt find out until after the 18th


Technical error. lol. Gave me the worst heart attack I could ever get.


I know this was so disappointing!! So we don’t know if we even got through! Best of luck of results then…if we ever get them:p


I know, that is really bad. good luck, we’ll hear this week I guess