LECG - Competition Practice London - 2nd round


Hi everyone,

I have been invited to the second round of interview at LECG London office for an analyst position at the Competition Policy Team. According to their recruitment manager, the interview consists of 1 hour long case study and two face-to-face interviews with the senior member staff. Does anyone knows what kind of case study should I expect? Another important question is, what are my chances to get an offer if I am invited in the second round (i.e. what is the mortality rate at this stage)?

Thanks for any suggestions!



I assume that the case study will check your knowledge of economics and how you can apply to a real-life scenario…
so make sure you know all about competition policy first, but then also about other important topics.

I feel that if you crack the case study very well, the rest really depends on how much you can impress the seniors, and this is at times the toughest nut to crack…also the luck factor is damn important too…knowing all these, if you keep an open mind and stay relaxed, things can only run in your own benefit…

when is your interview? keep the thread up to date on how it goes.
good luck!



thanks for the info. The interview is next week so I will let you know how it went.