leaving big4



i am currently working for one of the big4 but need to leave the firm. i have worked for 8 months and have given two exams for the aca. does anyone know if i have to pay anything for breaking the contract? and how much will i have to pay?



probably, why don’t you check your contract?


I don’t think you have to pay just for leaving, unless you took the loan or other financial products when you started. Have a look at your contract, it should say what you can or can’t do.


I had to pay back £2000 when I left after 1 year.


Chrism, did you have a graduate loan with them?


out of interest, why did you leave or why consider leaving?? I had a pwc ac last week and waiting to here back but would give my right arm to work there especially considering how difficult it is to get jobs in more glamourous areas like consultancy who have cut their intake massively.


I did have a loan from them- I had to repay that too (£7000). The £2000 was in lieu of training costs.

thegreatdebate- accounting wasn’t for me, that was in essence the main reason.


fair enough, i think alot of ppl dont realise what a job at the big4 will really involve until they start but most dont have the guts to leave and stick it out!

Have you managed to find another job?


I am currently 18 months into my ACA and want to leave for what I would consider a ‘dream’ job.

Do you know how much it would cost or the basis of costs?