Leaving after a graduate scheme?


Hi everyone,

I have a slightly unusual question.

I graduated in 2009, and worked in a small company (not a graduate scheme) for over 2 years. I quit my job about a month ago, and I’m now applying for Autumn 2012 graduate schemes that are still open. At the same time I’m looking for a job to support myself now until I (hopefully!) get onto a grad scheme in Autumn.
(… I know, I shouldn’t have quit my job without finding a new one, and shouldn’t have left my grad applications for so long… Oh well, live and learn! :slight_smile: )

In addition to various immediate vacancies/casual jobs, I found one graduate scheme that is ongoing and lasts only 3 months. It’s not a company that I’d stay in forever, but it’s ideal to tide me over until Autumn.

My question is if I, hypothetically, enroll onto a 3 month graduate scheme, and then after it finishes, start a new grad scheme in Autumn at a different company- will this look bad on my CV? Will I struggle explaining this to a future employer?