Leave PwC Early




I know this has been asked in the past but not in the last few years.

I am considering leaving pwc before my training contract is over. I have failed two exams and although I have a chance to retake, I am so stressed out by the job I just want to leave.

Does anyone know the costs you have to repay?

I have done three multiple choice exams and two written exams.

Any response is appreciated.



Is there someone you can talk to about this at work? Your training contract is just that - it is training. No-one expects you to be perfect in exams, that’s why they have retakes. Also training contracts are an opportunity for the trainee to really decide if they are cut out for the work - but you must have been good to be accepted as a trainee in the first place. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there are probably other trainees who feel the same way. There must be someone senior or supporting the trainees who you could talk to before making any major decisions? There is a similar problem discussed on the Wikijobs forum here http://bit.ly/1phSiRN


I’d talk to the student support team, or have a close look at whatever it was you signed. Alternative, the institute may be able to help you with costs.


I did this. I had to repay £2000, which was deducted from my final paycheck, post-tax. I wrote to HMRC and deducted those costs against tax, so I got back £400 of it.