Leave PwC early? repayment?


Hi guys,

I have decided to leave PwC before my training contract ended.
Just wondering if anybody knows how much I have to pay back to the firm for my ACA exam fees?
Thx a lot!!



Hi, I saw this thread not long ago and it has the answers on it.

Hope that helps


Hi Alex, will you be able to share with us, if you can and you don’t mind, the reasons why you are leaving PwC before the end of your training contract?

This will help us to have an insight in PwC and help us to make decisions when accepting/rejecting offers.

Thanks in advance.


Check your contract it will detail the period

Usually last 12 months training costs (kaplan study and exam costs)

Would expect it to be a few thousand pounds




well, I just don’t feel like it. maybe not the right thing for me though.