Least like me:Most like me tests?


Hi people! Great website I have stumbled upon!

I just wanted to ask, what is the key to passing those most like and least like me tests? And also, I really liked the numerical tests practice tests found here, prob is, I still can’t figure how things are worked out even with right answers, is there any breakdown of questions?



Most like me/least like me? …not quite sure, what do you mean?


Hi :slight_smile:

Well you get a series of questions, with two columns, and on the left 4 personality traits, all of them are good but you have to choose one that is most like you and then one that is least like you. Its a bit tricky because you have to choose a good charactisitic and still say that it is least like you.


eugh, i hate these things! i have a look at the the type of people they’re looking for and for each question try to decipher which one is more important to them. but i do think its the worst, most unreliable form of psychometric testing ever!


Well regarding those type of test, first of all you can’t “pass” or “fail”. Firms use them to find out about you and your personality. Most of the time, they aren’t used to assess you, but just used to find out about you as a person. You don’t really want to cheat or practice for these types of test - just answer the questions with answers you think are best.

These tests are really not worth worrying about. Practice the [[numerical reasoning]] and [[verbal reasoning]] tests - they are FAR more important!


standard chartered on the other hand, do use that in the assessment criteria.


I’m surprised by that. Lots of companies use personality tests but not usually as actual assessment criteria… just to give an indication on personality.

However, it’s worth noting that if you “fail” a personality test then this would indicate you wouldn’t actually enjoy the job - as much as it indicates to the company that you aren’t suitable.

It’s not really in anyone’s interests to practice personality tests, or answer questions in a way you think will get you the job. I’m guilty of this - I answered a personality questionaire for a sales job with answers that indicated I was the perfect personality match for a sales role. I got the job, but I hated it. I quit three months later!


A friend told me her KPMG first interview was based around the personality test. For example: If you answered saying you worked best alone you gave examples of working in a team. Could have been coincidence but apparently the questions are generated from that.