Leadership qualities - interview advice required



I have had no real recent experience of leadership. I worked for an accountancy firm for a year last year and as part of that I was responsible for training new starters. Can I use this as an example. Alternatively I captained a table tennis team in the national junior league but this was several years ago. Any advice on how I could expand on either of these points would be most useful. My interview is tomorrow in tax with PWC.



Also is it ok to use presentations as a development area, if I stress that this is not neccessarily a weakness, just something that I have had little experience in. As with the above comment, can I say that throughout this year I am going to try and get involved with more group projects or volunteer projects to improve these areas.

Thanks again


Training new starters is definitely an example of [[leadership]]. See the article [[competency based interview]] for help answering this type of question.