LCH Clearnet Interview & AC


Hi everyone,

Has anyone got any experience interviewing for LCH or any knowledge of how they structure their AC’s???

I’ve got an interview coming up for their grad scheme and just wanted some clue of what to expect.



Have anyone had interview with LCH Clearnet…I got a Telephone interview on Friday??? need to know what will they ask???


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just passed the telephone interview, did my online test. has anyone got invite for ac at all?


Hey 60193. Care to share your telephone interview experience? Would really appreciate it. Thanks


Hi, I just had my telephone interview. I was told the next stage is an AC and the interviewer didn’t mention a online test…so 60193 I’m wondering which programme you applied for? technology or business? Also how long did they take before they told you that you passed?


Hi guys, could you share the telephone interview questions? no matter it is technology or business. Many thanks!!!


Hi guys, can anyone be kind enough to share their telephone interview experience? I have one coming up and would like to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks


Hi guys. When is your accessment day? I had mine back in march


How was the AC? how long till they offer?


How was the AC? how long till they offer?


How was the AC? how long till they offer?


They said late April so still waiting. When’s your ac?


Has anyone heard back after ac?



I have just joined the group.

Can any one share the java interview experience here…

I have interview with LCH…



I have just booked my phone interview for the LCH Business Program. Any chance you could tell me what questions they asked?
Many thanks!


Hi Raphael,

I have an interview for the business stream too, on Wednesday. When is your interview? I can’t seem to find any details on the internet about the questions they are likely to ask, quite nervous about it! I think I’m just going to prepare the usual “why LCH?” “why the scheme” and then some competency questions about teamwork, leadership etc etc.


Any advice on the graduate business scheme for 2014?
I have a telephone interview next week.

Thanks guys


Hi Je212.

How did your telephone interview go? I have telephone interview next week? Can you please advise me about the questions and process?



I have mine on Thursday this week. I am not certain about the process or questions but if I guess its just Motivational and Competency based.