LBS portfolio


I have noticed that LBS runs a Corporate Finance Folio which is based around:
a) Accounting and Financial Analysis
b) Valuation
c) Funding, Risk and Restructuring
d) Advanced Corporate Finance

The target market is:
a)Finance professionals
b) General managers
c) Executives, consultants, analysts and general managers
d) Business developers
e) Lawyers / legal practitioners
f) Financial planners / advisers
g) Economists and business analysts
h) Auditors and risk managers

There is also an advanced course for those who have eight years experience in business.

These courses which are run over a period of time and are aimed at postgraduates and those who qualified and already in business, but will also suit those who are targeting defined areas of accountancy and law. I am wondering if anybody can give an opinion on the value of these courses which may even be of use to graduates who are determining a career path. As today there is a need to find a career and stay with it attending courses such as these may well be useful.

Has anybody any thoughts or experience please?


I have to say that my experience of this type of folio has left me very nonplussed. There is a whole gamut of these courses and they are akin to having unappetising aperitif. There is not enough to allow you to develop enough knowledge to ever feel the subject, let alone know if it is suited to you.
The target market is so broad and if you look at the potential mix and match choices then how can the courses ever be tailored to a market or specific sector.
My view is in particular based around two graduates who having attended courses similar to these felt that a course of postgraduate study would best suit them. Their aptitude for the degree was clearly not in line with the university criteria, but they could not fathom this out as they had been assured they were right for the degree by the course presenters.
These courses give no more than a taster to people and prove that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.
In my view as a university professor these courses do more harm than good, but I am happy to be shot down in flames if people disagree.