Lazard internship


I did a numeracy test for Lazard two weeks ago; has anyone received replies yet?


are they finished with their grad recruitment yet?


Hi guys, has anyone completed the Lazard graduate analyst online application? If so, what sort of information sources did you state for the question

“Please describe a time when you had to analyse a range of information sources in order to draw a conclusion”.

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.


hello guys, did anyone apply for Lazard’s M&A graduate analyst position recently? just in the process of filling up my application form.



did anyone get an invite for online numerical reasoning test from Lazard? Im planning to take the test today! any inputs will be great!.



standard shl tests from what i have heard. look at shl website for practice tests and for further practice (should you need it)

beware as some have mentioned in the past that lazard numerical pssmark is quite high. be safe n score a hundred :slight_smile:


@wannabe_trader, yea they were standard SHL numerical tests, Thanks for the info mate.

I took them last week Monday, and I was pretty sure on clocking 19 out of 21, however though they require computers to give them instead, and you are true their passmark is quite high to be precise may be a point blank 100%. Well, a lesson learnt, should not wasted my time giving this app.

where else, did you apply?




I am currently filling in my application for M&A grad role.

I don’t know if my academics are strong enough…
I am predicted to get a 1st in management and finance from the University of Leicester and I got ABB at A level…

What do u guys think???




I sent my app for Lazard (graduate) a few days ago. I passed the numeracy test and then a verbal test. Within 48h, I was invited for an interview.

I’m not a native speaker, so it’s difficult to assess the level of the verbal test. However, the numeracy test was quite easy. I don’t know if the passmark is high: a friend of mine did not pass with an assumed 16-17/21.

Anyone had his/her phone call already? Or news from other banks?




Just did the tests today. Pretty sure I got all the numeracy ones, but failed the verbal. Ah well.

I thought a few of the verbal questions were a little too ambivalent. The kind where it could be “true/false” OR “cannot say” depending on your definitions of “a lot” or “often”, that sort of thing. Still, I thought I’d done okay. But as soon as I finished it came up with “unsuccessful”, staring me in the face.

Think I need to find a few more practice verbal tests, I never score as highly on those as the numerical ones. Best of luck to anyone applying.


is going to take the nurmerical today~~~hopefully it’s not too hard


Passed the numerical and verbal, they are both standard SHL. Anyone heard anything back yet?


Rejected, oh well ;|


Unless you are 100% confident you can score full marks or one off full marks, this might be hard to pass.

I’ve never failed SHL with any other application and I’ve had feedback reports saying I land in the 98% percentile. It wouldn’t surprise me that Lazard are looking for full marks in the test.


I actually emailed them after the rejection to ask about reasons and got this reply:

We cannot offer feedback to candidates who do not reach interview stage since we receive thousands of applications. However, since you were rejected after sitting both our tests, it is most likely that the answers to your longer answer application form questions did not score highly. Best of luck in the future, Lazard Graduate Recruitment


Has anyone done the first round interview with Lazard?

I’m invited to their office next Wednesday,

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


I applied for the M&A intern role last night at around 11pm, and received a numerical test invite at about 9am today. Completed the test this afternoon, and was immediately asked to do a verbal test, and then immediately invited to interview after that. So I guess they haven’t yet filled their 14 spaces, and are keen to get people in for interviews before reviewing the written part of the application form…


hi! how long have u been waiting after the verbal test until you got the invitation to interview? and btw could u let me know how is the interview going? i passed both the test today but the page says it is under consideration without any invitation to interview.


I sent you a PM, check your inbox.