Law student: help please!


so the situation is, I’m in my 3rd year doing law at a really good redbrick in London but…my 1st and 2nd year results consist of five high 2:2s, two 1sts and one 2:1!!! overall I have a 2:1 but the module marks are very random and unimpressive i know

i really want to work in commercial law (like every other student) and i want to work in the city (preferably US/top-50 firm). what are my chances REALISTICALLY for VS applications??? are there any particular firms/type of firms which would be willing to look past these marks? (i have 3 As at A-level, 9A*s at GCSE and some ECs)

i’m applying now and have 1 AC coming up but thats it. just need to know who i should be targetting.

any help would be much appreciated



You need to get an internship. Get as much work experience as you can and you’ll be ok.