Law Student Failing conversion course :( - Training Contract in threat?


A friend of mine a year ahead of me scored a training contract with a really good law firm last year, but now he’s at a London law college, hating it, not doing well and doesn’t quite know what to do. He’s somehow managed to spend most of the sponsourship money that the Law firm gave to him too, and it’s actually quite a lot! What might happen to him if he fails - or if he quits? Do law firms write in contracts to TC’s so that you have to repay money? Or is it their loss?

Answers please!..


You have to repay the money. If he’s failing his conversion course, he’s unlikely to suceed doing the LPC either.

Many law graduates do notdo not get good enough degrees to get them jobs in magic circle + other training contract firms, at least 50% of law graduates self fund their way through the LPC, doing it as a full time occupation for a year at a college like BPP. When they have completed the LPC and are qualified, they are m much more employable asset. The LPC also provides an opportunity for a poor degree performer to make up some lost ground.

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Law boy - You don’t necessarily have to pay back the money. It depends on your contract which you need to read IN DETAIL right now! Most firms will require you to at the very least pay back the sponsoursip grants however.

- you’re right that 50% of law students studying LPC and conversion course do not have Training Contracts, but this is usually because these studnets haven’t been able to get contracts because of poor academic merit/qualifications or because they have been too lazy to apply!!

Most lay firms recruit and hire for Training Contracts that start 2 - 3 years in the future. For this reason LPC students qualifying may be able to prove an ability for the law, but will be unable to work for two years at a good firm. And this is not good for anyone.

The best route for graduates looking to work for law firms is to start applying from september three years before they plan to start working at a company.
-For non-law students this would be the year before the GDL/conversion course.
-For law students this would be approx second or third year of uni (depending on length of course).

Good luck everyone!