Late job applications



Is anyone aware whether more vacancies will come available some time over the summer? I only recently properly decided this is the career path I want to take and when looking for vacancies to start this coming September it seems that quite a lot are already taken. Especially in the smaller firms where I’d quite like to work.

I’d really love to get on a scheme that starts this year so that I can get going as soon as possible. I guess I’m hoping that maybe some people turn down jobs and pull out for one reason or another and then firms have to fill the space. If anyone knows of anything or places to look then I would be much appreciated.


An alternative path is to work in industry and get a [[CIMA]].


Littlelegs - would you just have to keep an eye on the firm’s websites to see whether they advertise last minute roles o is there somewhere inparticular that such position are advertised? ( I realise this might be a stupid question)