Languages + ACA = good career path?!


I’m about to head back for my 4th year at uni doing french and spanish. Ive done a lot of work exp on my year abroad and dare i say without wanting to boast but i have a half decent cv (property valuation in france, insurance in spain and accountancy in UK). I’m keen to get an ACA qualification and did a stint with PwC in their tax dept and have a final interview soon for a grad tax role. But I also want to be able to use my languages in my career. Anyway it would be great to hear your opinions on some queries:

  • Is a grad tax route well thought of at PwC or any of the big 4 - compared with audit/CF? i do know i can do the ACA there rather than the tax exams.
  • does anyone know what particular areas of Tax is there most exposure to foreign speaking clients that would interest me (i.e. perhaps Expat tax dept)
  • would it be best to complete the ACA (if possible!) and then move sideways into sthg like asset management/IB/HF after qualifying?
  • as i do two languages what other careers are viable options? is AM a possibility given my valuation experience?

Any advice warmly welcomed, thanks in advance.

  1. It’s easier to move from Financial institutions, eg. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc. to Accounting firms- not the other way round, seeing they’re MUCH more competitive than accounting.
  2. Languages + Sales and Trading in banks = much better fit/ greater demand and therefore better opportunities. Accounting is… accounting.
  3. Banks are much more intense and therefore a more intense lifestyle than accounting. Competition for Sales and Trading is fierse and spring weeks in your 1st year, summer internship in your 2nd is a MUST for an job offer in your 3rd year. If banking is the route, your grades in ALL subjects, not only the relevant ones, must be in the top 10% or 5%, ie. GCSEs and A-levels A*/A grades, russells group university, preferably 1st class honours and extra curricular activities and a president/editor in chief position during your university life is a MUST- Obviously, these conditions will not guarantee you an offer as there is no 1 route to success but they are the realistic issues that will see you pass through the CV sifting.