Kraft Telephone Interview


I have a telephone interview with Kraft for their Sales and Marketing scheme. Does anyone have any advice? Tips on what they might ask? Thanks!


Same here. When is your interview?

Any advice from anyone will be appreciated


Hey Emalina & pendresc,

I had a telephone interview with Kraft about a week ago. Its outsourced to another company so the call with be with them not directly with kraft. These were some of the questions I was asked:
It was the usual why Kraft foods?
Why your chosen service line?
Why do you want to work in Retail?
Also there were a few competency questions, but I cant remember them all. I think it was,
Name a time you’ve set yourself a goal in the last 12 months.
Name a time when youve had to present an idea to change a groups mind.
There might have been one or two more but i cant remember sorry.

Hope this helps, I hope its not too late.


Thank you mostly, I had mine and passed!

Got a face to face interview today.

Good luck to you


Hi Pendresc,

Congratulations for getting this far. I hope the face-to-face one went just as smoothly as the telephone one. I just wondered when you had your telephone interview and how long it took them to confirm that you had passed it.I had mine on the 4th and they said they would confirm the outcome in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot and good luck.


Thanks Peter,

It went alright, could have gone better. I think it was about 4-5 days after.
they were pretty quick in getting back to me.

Good luck


Hi Pendresc,

I have a face to face interview on Tuesday for the Sales and Marketing graduate scheme at Kraft Foods, they informed me that it will again be competency based. I understand from your conversation with Peter that you’ve had your face to face interview. I hope it went well.

Please would you mind sharing the type of questions they ask? Are they the standard competencies ie. leadership, teamwork etc?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


hi gogetter

yes they are the standard kind of questions. why kraft, why sales and marketing, teamwork, creativity etc.

don’t think mine went well, plus i haven’t heard back from them yet so i was probably unsuccessful

good luck