Kraft - Interviews


Does anybody know what the competences Kraft assess you against in interview? Or questions they ask?


Hey - I have a Telephone interview with them tomorrow - you had yours?


any fed back on Kraft foods grad programme from any i please???



Iv had my telephone interview, they asked 3 competency questions…

  • a challenge iv set myself and what problems iv faced
  • influencing a decision
    and i cant remember the last one!
    they also asked me why i want to work for Kraft and why the scheme.

How did yours go?




I have applied to the Grad scheme and my interview is tomorrow, pls any advice will be appreciated… for the sales and marketing programme


I have applied to the Grad scheme and my interview is tomorrow, pls any advice will be appreciated… for the sales and marketing programme


Had my telephone interview today - not really sure how it went, will just have to wait and see.

Recruitment is done by external company ‘fresh minds’ based in Holborn, London.

I was told that if I passed the telephone interview, the next stage was a face to face interview at freshminds recruitment.

If you pass the face to face, then you go to the assessment centre which is actually run by Kraft. It’s a 1.5 day event, and there are only two: one in Mid January and one at the end of Jan.

I can’t remember everything, but the telephone interview lasted about 20 Min’s:

I was ask why I wanted to work within the retail sector, and then a separate question as to why I wanted to work within Sales and Marketing.

As above I was also asked about a goal I had set myself within the last 12 Months.

Also when I had been in a difficult situation/ environment that i was not used too.


Hey WIzbet - Did you get through to the next stage? They told me they would let me know by next Friday, and if so would be interviewed the following week - but i’m on holiday! So they said they would try and speed it up?!


Iv had my phone interview and my face to face one now.
The face to face one is very similar and only lasts 20-30 mins


HI, I also had an interview with Fresh Minds and will discuss in detail about the interview on this forum


Hi. I’ve made it through to the Assessment Centre for Sales & Marketing, so I thought I’d provide a bit of feedback.

  1. Application form - short and sweet. You’ve got to be kicking yourself if you can’t get through this stage.

  2. Online tests - standard

  3. Telephone interview with Freshminds (external recruting company Kraft use) - I thought this had gone really badly as I was ill with a cold. However I made it through. The girl on the phone was really nice and the interview lasted about 25 minutes covering:

  • Why Kraft?
  • Why retail?
  • Example of when I had to work hard to get my message across
  • Example of when I set myself a challenge and met it
  1. Competency interview with Freshminds in London - this was a really short interview of about 15 minutes. It was a long way to go for such a short interview, but the people at Freshminds were really nice. It covered:
  • Why Kraft?
  • Why Sales & Marketing?
  • Example of when I had to convince senior level people to take on one of my ideas
  • Example of a brand I respected and why

Think there was one other but I can’t remember it. The questions were quite tricky, and I thought it had gone badly, but they gave me feedback straight away which was great!

  1. Assessment Centre - this is in January. “It will involve further psychometric testing, followed by an informal dinner with managers and current graduates. The main assessment centre on the following day is designed to be challenging but fun.” Not really sure what it’s going to be like but fingers crossed!

Hope this is of some use to people. I also applied to several other FMCG companies, as well as consulting firms, and thought that my Kraft interviews were much worse. However, for some reason I did not progress through my others but made it through Kraft! I guess that’s fate.

Good luck!


Hi everyone,

I was told last week that I have been invited to the Assessment Centre Stage for the RD&Q role at Kraft. If there is anyone else out there who has been invited for the RD&Q scheme get in touch as I would like to get to know some like minded individuals before the Assessment Centre!


I have a telephone interview with Kraft for their Sales and Marketing scheme. Does anyone have any advice? Tips on what they might ask? Thanks!


Hi Emalina, how did it go? I have my interview tomorrow, and I was wondering whether you have any tips?


Good luck Emalina and pd111. I have my interview next Monday.

Let me know how you get on.

Good luck!


Hey ive got mine on 7th… kindle let me know how did urz go.


Hey! Just want to know, what happens during the assessment? What is the pscyhometric test you did?



hey, am very happy for you. How has your experience in Kraft been?