KPMG's Cubik tests


It was only when I read on the KPMG page of WikiJobs that I realised Cubik’s tests are harder than most others. Because by “normal” standards I performance very badly. For example I guessed the last 4 questions of the verbal test and left 5-6 questions in the numerical tests blank.

Did anyone else do this test and got a shock during the test at how poorly they are performing? I did.


Yeah i did the KPMG tests and found them really hard! I did ok in the verbal reasoning one but didnt pass the maths one!


The KPMG tests are hands down the hardest I have ever done! I just barely scraped a pass as I was in the 35th percentile!


thank you for sharing~


Hey guys
I agree, the KPMG numerical test was really difficult, I found that even though my working out was correct the answers never seemed to be spot on in the multiple choice selection. I didnt finish but when I reached the final 30 seconds I just made rough estimated guesses at the remaining questions and passed in the 61th percentile…I was sooo sure I had failed!

Has anyone done the PwC ones?


Hi, guys.

Does anyone know where I can practice some more Cubiks style tests?
I have done the practice ones on their website, which wasn’t too hard, but from what I’ve read on the forum the actual tests are much harder.
So, if anyone who has taken the test can tell us what kind of questions they encountered (especially the hard ones), it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


The KPMG tests are much harder, but the pass mark is also much lower than other firm’s tests. The KPMG tests are actually designed so that you do not have enough time to finish all the questions, so don’t worry if you don’t.


Hi, I finished all of the language tests and then only managed 7 or 8 of the maths ones, but still got through…so chins up people! :slight_smile: I think I literally scraped through in the 31st percentile for maths :s whereas i was in the 58th in the language. I think it depends on the day for most people (how stressed/tired/focussed you are when you sit the test)


I have passed the online tests, they were not that hard.
The only thing is that there is very little time to complete all the questions. I don’t think that anyone should be worried too much about them (if you have been doing OK in SHL or any other tests).
As everyone has been saying the pass mark must be pretty low, because I passed even though I probably got about 75% in verbal and 15-16 in numerical.


Seriously don’t worry about these tests I do maths and I did atrociously in the numerical one but speaking to some recent KPMG joiners, the pass mark for the numerical one is 15-20% so my advice is work accurately to make sure you get that 20% and anything else is just extra!


Hi guys, I got an e-mail from KPMG to take on-line verbal and numerical tests, I checked the link to Cubiks verbal and numerical tests, which look straightforward, but I wanted to ask, should I expect in the numerical test also these logical reasoning questions with sequences and diagrams? I am asking because in the KPMG section in wikijobs ( there is a recommendation to do pages 7-24 of this book
which is logical reasoning and is different from the numerical test on Cubiks site…Any idea if there are logical questions of the type of sequences and diagrams in it?


I have done tests for Barclays, RBS, RBC, Deloitte, PwC and E&Y. I recently was offered the next round with KPMG to do tests for them as well and I will prepare for them the same way I prepared for the others - practice. has a few sample tests for free but if you pay 10 pound you can get access to heaps more. Really worth it.


I am giving away this book for free!! (I accidentally ordered two copies from Amazon)

Professional Level Psychometric Tests 2nd edition by Sam Al-Jajjoka

This is the book that has been highly recommended.

PM your details and you can have it!


may i have those copies? i have to sit this test tomorrow… i have no confidence at all :frowning:


Hi everyone, I’m applying for MC-IT Avisory role at KPMG and I am trying to decide which practice resource to purchase to aid my preparation. Has anyone used any of the resources listed below? Pls, I need suggestions. Many thanks.

  1. assessmentday
  2. jobtestprep.
  3. greenturn


Assessment day is ok, reasonably priced as can keep doing tests but they are 30 mins long which can be annoying for practice.

For KPMG’s tests I would recommend going for accuracy and not spending too long on one question. Also I got in the 38th percentile and still passed the maths one. Theirs or Citibank’s are the hardest I’ve done hands down.


Thank you CardSharp.


Passed the KPMG tests, managed to just about pass the verbal reasoning with 32 percentile and 60 percentile in numerical reasoning. I reckon I left 10 out for the verbal and 4 out for the numerical. Think the pass rate is 30 percentile for both.


KPMG tests are harder BUT the quality of their benchmark groups is also “lousier” :slight_smile:


KPMG tests are harder BUT the quality of their benchmark groups is also “lousier” :slight_smile: