KPMG whole process walk through



So, I recently got offered a position at KPMG for a 2015 graduate role and wikijobs has helped me a lot in the preparation. Since most of the possible questions that can come up have already been discussed in most of the other forums, I will talk you through the stuff I didn’t know and might be helpful. I’d recommend you to read this document after researching on the other forums (so that you understand what I’m talking about) as I have tried to built further on them.


Was with a very friendly lady, KPMG tells what competencies they will focus on on the recruitment page so if you prepare an example for each it should be good. Moreover prepare on a company not doing well and some of the reasons you think it is not doing well and what would your recommendation be to them to improve. Also try to find some things about KPMG particularly that separates them from the other big 4. (Hint: a good place to find this is in the annual review)


You would normally attend the assessment centre in canary wharf and it starts at 8. You are not competing with other people so it is a good idea to relax yourself by talking to others. The structure of the day is variable but some advice I would give is while doing the etray remember you have a handout of all the info so make sure to use it as you’ll save a lot of time then. Also some of the tasks have to be completed before a specific time so keep an eye for them. You also have to write a report a good structure I would say is starting with an intro doing a short SWOT and then focussing mainly on recommendations and how the AAA firm can help its clients.

You may also have to do the verbal test (i didn’t) so it’ll be good to be prepared for it. Secondly you will also have a client meeting; in this try to be personable and connect with the client and understand the problem. Once you understand the problem your aim should be to cross sell (so be aware of all the services offered by AAA firm). And thirdly, there will be a meeting with your manager, make sure you note down what the client says and wants in the meeting (important!) so that you remember it properly and can give a brief to your manager. Also between the time you have for the 2 meeting (you will have some spare time) try to think of some solutions for the problem the client faces.


As most of the people have said, partner interview hugely depends on the partner, so most of the advice I received from here didn’t help as my partner asked me other things. So what I say is from my experience of the partner interview (bear in mind yours might be different depending on the department, mine was deals advisory (corporate finance)). The person who interviewed me was very friendly and made me feel so relaxed. Like joking here and there and seeming interest in what I’m saying (loved this about them). If you are doing a presentation make sure you know everything about the company. I was asked questions on the company, its industry, market evolution, potential competitors, financial statements of the company, future course of action to name a few. So it’s imperative to know the company inside out. I just had one competency question as most of my interview was related to current news and all like about grexit, QE, oil prices and all. He also asked me what I know about the work they do, (I think he was impressed by my answer haha :p), you can find this easily on the KPMGs main website. Make sure you know that and also think about some potential clients for your department and how can KPMG help them. Lastly, think about what do you want from KPMG and how can/will you get it. Be Positive, Confident and Genuine, and I’m sure you’ll nail it!!

Good Luck!


This is seriously useful, AceBanker. Thanks very much for posting your experiences here :slight_smile: