KPMG. Which is the best office for graduate audit program after london?

The Graduate

I had been invited for an assessment centre at the KPMG. Today, i recieved a mail from them telling me that the have already filled all posittions in the graduate audit program n that i should give my prference for some other location. As i am situated in pakistan, i do not know much regarding other office locations and which one i should chose. Can anyone please help me with that?


If I was you I’d pick another large city. If you’re coming from Pakistan and don’t know too many people, you don’t really want to be in a home counties place where there is little to do and less chance of meeting people.

I havent’ got KPMGs offices to hand, but I recommend you go for somewhere like Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool or another big town.


or reading. its quite a good place to stay, close to london etc.


I am also coming from Pakistan … This year there was some sort of a new recruitment consultancy company opened up recently in Pakistan and they have advertised these Big4 positions so widely and Pakistan being a country of 180 million there is always a flood of people towards when ever they see it.

However I applied in KPMG in first week of August and before that application flood which initiated recently. Just imagine applying in first week of August, I got my AC on 25th of November and that too was after being fast tracked!


weird, i doubt it was the same last year, as i had my ac at the end of november ,and they were still talking about how they could take all of us, as there’s lots of spaces available. i’m assuming that there’s been a huge increase in applicants this year cos of the situation with banks not hiring.


Your AC last year didnot turnout to be successful? Where did you had your Ac?


no, i was unsuccessful last time. i applied to london.