KPMG "Transaction & Restructuring advisory" 2010 graduate program??


I am waiting since ages to apply for KPMG’s “Transaction & Restructuring advisory” 2010 graduate program. But they have not opened it yet.

Any idea whether they will be recruiting at all for this track this year & how many grads do they usually take in this?
Also, anyone here from last year who applied for this track?


Latest word from KPMG is that they intend to open apps later on in the year, best option would be to call them to request further information and state you’re interested, etc. I believe there is an option on their website where you can request to be notified if the track opens up.

I applied for Oct 09 entry in TS, made it through to the offer, but was asked if I would consider a deferral to 2010 or move to audit.


Thanks se5555
Also any idea on the number of grads they take in this track? I need to way my options whether to wait for the opening of this track or apply for Audit immediately. I am particularly concerned because I need a work permit sponsorship and so if KPMG is going to take only a very few grads( I read in some thread around 10 odd) in the TS track, then my chances will be almost none.

Since you made it for Oct09 entry, so any idea how many grads they had taken in Transactions advisory or probable number for 2010?