KPMG tests



I’m about to send off my KPMG app. I’m going away in a few days and was wondering if they have a time limit, say 7 days, for completing their tests? Also, does everyone have to take the tests. I know EY don’t test you if you have maths A level.


Yes, everyone has to take the tests. And yep I’m pretty sure there’s a time limit too.


I checked the email they sent me back when I was asked to do the tests, and yes, they asked for you to do it within 7 days, though you could probably ask for an extension, I reckon.


I’ve submitted my KPMG application and now have to do online verbal and numerical tests. I am practicing some online tests and would appriciate advice and tips from anyone on how to tackle these test. Everyone say that their tests are really hard and specially the time limit is too short. It’s like 40 questions in 20 mins. Anyone have any good links for practice tests??


I don’t remember how many questions there were for the verbal, but there were 24 questions in 20 minutes for the numerical test. I thought it was more difficult than the other tests, but it was more in terms of the time limit than the actual questions, which are harder only because they have a few more steps. Thing is though, as people have said, you don’t have to finish all of the questions, I finished 20 out of the 24 and was in the 96th percentile, so I wouldn’t worry all that much. Don’t try to finish all of them, just make sure that the ones you do, you get right.


To give you an idea of the other end of the scale, I managed 8 questions in the numerical part and still got through, lol :wink: