KPMG telephone interview for Sept 2013 intake


I’ve passed the telephone interview a few weeks ago. For the presentation question you meant to be sticking to your point (making an impact) as you would have researched and prepared for your presentation. You would respect his opinion and show that you are open to a discussion later.
For the answer to when you under-performed, use an example that is not very significant but do point out that you now realized why you failed and since then you have improved. They want to know that you learn from your mistakes.
Hope this helps.


I also had this same presentation question in one of the stages of my application and I answered it in a very similar manner to LuluD. I said that you should be respectful of the person’s opinion but advise him that you’ve done significant work with your team to review why this methodology is the best, and that you would be happy to go through your reasoning after the presentation and take on-board any improvements that you believe he could make. The important point is to make sure that the interruption to the client meeting is minimal, and that you do not want to make it appear to the clients that your team isn’t communicating effectively.


I also answered similarly to LuLud and passed my interview.


How long do you guys have to wait after passing the online tests to have your telephone interviews?


I took mine on Monday afternoon and received a call Tuesday morning to book the interview, I don’t think that’s the norm though, I’ve been waiting weeks for my other big 4 applications.


Hello all. I have been using this site pretty extensively over the past year for various internship and graduate applications and I thought I would try to give something back.

I recently had my telephone interview for Graduate Risk Consulting Actuarial and I was told 2 days later that I had been successful.

I was actually contacted before it asking if I would like to take part in practice interviews for the training of new interviewers. If you get this opportunity I would highly recommend taking it, you get asked pretty much exactly the same questions as you will in your real interview, and you even get feedback afterwards highlighting where you could improve.

Because of the practice interview, I went into the interview fairly confidently. I was called about 2 minutes after the agreed time and the interviewer was fairly friendly (I interviewed last year for various investment banks and there is a huge difference in how nice the KPMG interviewer is by comparison). I tried to break the ice initially with a joke, but I am not too sure how well this was received (he was an actuary after all, so it was hardly surprising that he didn’t laugh). If you have done some reading of these forums there should be no questions that come as a surprise really. Just have a few companies lined up that you can talk about (I had 3 that were performing well, 3 that weren’t), as I was asked for a company that was performing badly in the UK, and then a company that was doing well in the US. I was also asked about what challenges a UK business would face if it was to try to expand into a foreign country. As long as you have a fairly good knowledge of what’s going on in Europe and the global economy you should be fine for this. I talked about lack of credit available for investment, the (relatively) strong pound, the troubles in Southern Europe and even the slowdown in emerging markets. Most of the competency questions were fairly standard, “a time you were particularly proud of a piece of work”, “a time you worked under pressure” etc, so just have a few examples prepared and just alter them to fit the question. In terms of situational questions, I was asked to imagine that I had been doing a boring/repetitive task for the last week and my manager had just told me go over it again and asked how I would react. Second one was to imagine that the deadline for a report I was doing was tomorrow, and I had just been emailed asking if I could do another task which was due this afternoon, and asked how I would respond to this.

Throughout it all, the interviewer was friendly, and pushed for more explanation if it was required (but since I knew the general format of give example/what did you do/what was the outcome I knew pretty much what to cover). During the questions at the end he seemed to open up a bit and we got talking about actuarial exams and that kind of thing.

Just some general advice would be to try to relax. I know it is difficult and I’m pretty sure everyone is a little scared, but it is very important to not speak too quickly and to remain on point. After having 6 telephone interviews (5 last year for internships, this was my first graduate) I have begun to realise that it is just a skill. If you can learn the kind of thing they want to hear you will be fine.

I hope some of that helps, and I apologise if it doesn’t make sense or anything isn’t clear.


Which position/location are you applying for? Call is definitely unusual. As I understand they usually send an email (i got mine next day: Tuesday to Wednesday). Have another important question: how long does it take them to get back to you after the telephone interview? Would be interesting to know what to expect (and useful for planning too :slight_smile: )! Good luck with your interview mate!!


My application timeline is as follows:

3rd August - sent off application
4th August - took SJT
6th August - passed SJT, took aptitude tests
7th August - passed aptitude, invited to book phone interview
14th August - phone interview
17th August - passed phone interview, booked AC
23rd August - AC
24th August - told I passed AC, now waiting to be given a partner interview.

So, I’m almost there after a total of three weeks! When booking both phone and AC I only had a choice of one slot. I applied to Bristol but did my AC in London.


I have the same thing - have been waiting ages for partner interview. have you been told any more?


I haven’t heard back from KPMG after my Telephone interview already for a week.
This means I didn’t get it right?..


I waited a week and got rejected.


Sorry to hear about the rejection. I got rejected last year and I’m reapplying this year. What questions did you guys get? Or were they the same as above? Also, do you know where you think you made a mistake?


It said I made a mistake with business awareness but think it may have been something else as those were my best questions. As I didn’t do a business related degree, I think that was the easiest thing to reject me on. Think I may have been a bit unlucky with the questions at the end, asked a question which although reasonable at the time (why did you switch offices - wanted a different experience, work in different sector?), resulted in my interviewer getting quite awkward and touchy so think if that was the final impression of the interview they would have wanted me out. I passed all the other competencies so think I was just really unlucky :frowning:


What questions did they ask you? I had the same thing last year for mine! I thought my best answers were commercial awareness but they said i didnt pass them. thats why im worried this time round.


Business that is doing well and future problems, problems affecting economy since 2010, what was written above basically.


For the commercial awareness questions, do we have to list 4 issues or more than 4? Does the interviewer ask the number of issues he/she wants??


For the commercial awareness questions, do we have to list 4 issues or more than 4? Does the interviewer ask the number of issues he/she wants??


Hi Guys

I have the KPMG Assessment Centre coming up and on the e-mail it mentions about bringing passports. However, I don’t have a passport and it mentions about foreign applicants after this bit. So I was just wondering if anyone who has already done the AC did you get asked about your passport?


hi all,

ive passed my telephone interview…pretty much thanks to this website! i would highly recommend reading all the above posts…jotting down the q’s and preparing answers for all of them…particularly the situational q’s.

i did have a question though for those who have done the assesment centre…whats it like? how should i prepare? is there any info on this site regarding this?

cheers gang


soledaled, yes they took all of our passports as soon as we arrived and they were returned at lunchtime. I strongly recommend emailing before you go and telling them about your situation.