KPMG Telephone Interview - Advisory Forensic 2016


I’ve used the forum extensively and have decided to post my own experience stage-by-stage as I progress. And if I pass. Just got an email confirmation re: passing the phone interview today. I took the interview yesterday. Very impressed by the quick turnover time. This stage deals with the phone interview for an advisory role-forensics. The KPMG phone interview is structured around the competencies mapped out in your email invite to the interview. The questions I was asked; not in order

  1. Tell me about a time when you completed a piece of work or project you were particularly proud of.
  2. Name a company doing well? 4 reasons why, what are buss opportunities for this company
  3. Name a time you delivered excellent customer care, how did you feel, why is good customer service important, how did it affect the business?
  4. Why KPMG and not any of the other Big 4?Why are those reasons important to you?
  5. Why Financial Advisory/Forensics?
  6. What aspect of the job do you think you might enjoy the least?
    7.What will you be doing in your first 12 months?What do you do on a day-today basis?
    8.How I’ve been doing really long laborious work and I’m glad that its over and I will be starting a new task when part of previous work is unfinished. Which is more suited to my interest and development, but then received an email saying that part of my work from the last task was unfinished, what would I do? How would I ensure that my new task is unaffected? If you have just finished a long project and was really looking forward to the next one, which will be challenging but the work will pay off. And you received an email from the manager of your last project saying there’s something wrong with your last project that makes it incomplete. What would you do? how would you approach working with the client again? It is your last day of doing laborious work for a client. You are about to start a new, exciting and fast paced project tomorrow. You get a call from your client asking you to re-do your work. What would you do? How would you keep up to date with the new project.
  7. You come to work and find there’re 4 things at hand: 1)a data analysis work needed in one week 2)a longer term project with various parts, but you don’t know any detail yet 3)you need to participate in a team to develop certain skills 4)you also have an exam coming in two months that you need to prepare for. What would you do?
  8. A time you had to do a task in which you did not agree with the objectives/process

Good luck and hope this helps for whomever needs it :slight_smile: