KPMG Technology Consulting


Hi guys,

I applied to KPMG for the 2014 Technology Consulting Graduate Scheme and I have an Assessment Centre in September. Has anyone done it before? Apparently it consists of E-tray, Written exercise, and Role plays. I would appreciate any kind of advice, as I have never been in an assessment centre!! Thanks a lot!!


Hi, thanks a lot for all the info, I really appreciate it! How did you practice for the AC, did you just do some of the online exercises? Thanks again!


This is Amy. I will attend the assessment centre in the next few weeks. I have a few questions about the virtual office. I was given there will be some multiple choice question for different projects.
Could you tell me what the industry of the projects? I would like to read some relevant information to gain knowledge and jargon about these industry.
Thank you for your time.