kpmg tax



Does anyone know the difference in working life in the people focussed services or the corporate focussed services in the kpmg tax business area?



Can you be more specific of what you mean by “corporate focussed” and “people focussed”? You should specify clearly what departments you are thinking about.


Thank you for your reply,

The KPMG tax business area is split into two, one focusses on private clients and the other, on companies. What i would like to know is anyone’s experience of working in either of the 2 divisions so that i can make an informed decision on my preference.

Is that clearer?


Oh I see. It will be much easier to get into corporate tax consultancy as there are many more jobs in this industry.

Dealing with private clients will require exceptional interpersonal skills (well above the call of most applicants).

In terms of hours I can’t say. I can say that any corporate work is going to involve more than a 9-5, but so will any job in this industry.

if I personally could choose what I’d do, I’d probably prefer to deal with private clients - just a preference. This is because corporate tax arrangements are extremely complicated and I’d never be fascinated enough to care! But this is my pesonal opinion and you shouldn’t base your decision upon it.