KPMG Tax Starting Salary (9 months?)


People talk alot about Audit Salaries, but I can’t seem to find much about KPMG Tax Salaries.

The consensus seems to be that it’s similar to Audit, maybe a bit more. But I am curious about the 9 Months when you are at the Tax Business School? Does anyone know if you go into the office at all during this period? It seems not, but what is your Salary during this period? Is i treduced as you are not handling clients?


*Is it reduced as you are not handling clients?


I’m starting in the kpmg tax business school September and I can tell you the starting salary is 28k.
My initial contract stated 22k for Birmingham office but since I’m in London for the first 9 months, it will be bumped up to 28k.

Hope this helps


Do you know when the start date is? ANd have you had any pre course work?



Hey guys… does anyone know how much the salary increase will be after your 9 months once you pass? you will be almost qualified at that point so your salary will surely go up right?


nope, it stays the same (or goes up marginally) until you actually qualify. yay! :slight_smile: