KPMG Tax First Interview


This site has been really helpful to me so i thought i would post the questions i got asked at first interview to try and help.
I applied for tax and i got asked:
Why tax?
What have you done to learn about tax?
What have you done to learn about us?
Discuss a current story in the financial news?
Pick one of the firms you’ve worked out and outline what advice you’d give them?
What other firms have you applied to?
How would you choose which one?
When have you met resistance in a team and how did you deal with it?
When have you built a relationship with someone?
When have you been part of a team?
Have you ever worked in a team where something went wrong?
Have you ever been a leader?
When have you dealt with varying committments to your time?

There were a couple more which i can’t exactly remember but that was the general idea. Do get in touch if you want to know anything else!


Brilliant - I’ve got an interview with them for tax on Tuesday, thanks for this! :smiley:


How did you answer “What did you do to learn about Tax?” and is “Pick one of the firms you’ve worked out and outline what advice you’d give them?” meant to be a firm youve worked in?


Well i study economics so i said i tried to choose modules that allowed me to follow up my interest from an economics sence and then i said keeping up with financial press by reading the FT and economist and stuff like that and they seemed happy. I think they just want you to demonstrate you’ve thought about why tax.
And yes sorry the other one is meant to be a firm you’ve worked for although i know a friend has been asked to pick a company if you don’t have work experience to do this. I said stuff like staff seemed to be doing the same thing and very inefficient so maybe fire some people, update their computer systems so they were the same across the company and time wasn’t wasted translating between systems, look into new product lines etc. it doesn’t have to be super detailed you just have to think logically and have reasons i guess.
Hope this helps


I worked in Morrisons, and they never gave their staff set shifts, which I think would have been really beneficial and reduced staff turnover. Would that be okay do you think? It would probably have increased employee satisfaction too. By the way, Did you get through?


i want to knw abt their other rounds too wat kind of questions they ask in technicle round at graduate level candidates


hey mate, tks for ur sharing.

This is Q about ‘how u build relationship with someone’

Does that mean romantic relationship ?


Hehe, no - more of how you build a rapport with customers/colleagues etc… but it would be funny to see you describing to an interviewer about your powers of seduction…

Sex panther - 60% of the time, it works all the time!


Hi all,

Wiki jobs helped me to prepare for my interviews. So, I thought to share my experience with KPMG tax consultant interview with everyone:
I was interviewed by a partner and a senior manager, they were really nice people. Here are some of the interview questions:

  1. How did you influence some(give details-what the project was about, how did you react and the end result)

  2. Describe a time when you worked in a team , and you had to work more than your required amount, how did you prioritize ( did you stick with your own work or did you finish what’s most important to the team?)

  3. How do you see yourself in five years?

  4. Describe a situation in which you initially thought you could easily handle alone, and soon realized you were in over your head. What did you do?

And they also asked a lot of questions from my resume. I am still waiting to hear from them (it’ll take another 7 days or so). Another important piece of advice that I can give is ask good questions (think about the job/industry) before you go to the interview.

Good luck