KPMG Success!


Hello everyone!

So, I have been lurking around here for a few weeks to help me prepare for all the stages in the recruitment process. It’s been massively invaluable and quite honestly I don’t know how I could have survived without all the great advice that is available on here, and I just want to really thank the people on here who have taken the time out to relay their experiences in such great detail. I had my assessment centre today and on the way home I got a call from the partner that interviewed me informally offering me the job and to tell me that the formal documents will be on their way to me soon! (I had to stop the car to do a little celebratory dance…)

I don’t think its really worth me relaying my full experiences because the other threads on here tell you EVERYTHING you will need to know to succeed. My only advice to you is to RELAX and to remember that nobody is out to get you and in my experience the assessors at KPMG will give you every opportunity to shine. The partner presentation and interview part was actually my favourite bit and it’s nothing to worry about at all (contrary to the near nervous breakdown I had whilst waiting to go in!). If you are at that stage in the recruitment process, they just want to check that you are not some abrasive, crass individual and that you are affable, well spoken and enthusiastic. The e-tray isn’t anything to stress over either, just don’t panic and keep an eye on time. For me the group exercise was the most problematic - theres a lot of information that’s given and I got a bit lost in it and lost track of what it was that we were discussing. Plus, I felt very under pressure knowing four people were analysing our every move. I advise that you do your best to ignore them and concentrate on the task at hand, and even though I thought I didn’t do very well I clearly did well enough, so don’t fret too much about it!

The day is long and tiring but in all honesty it was really enjoyable on the whole, and being taken for a slap up lunch (calamari for starter and a rib-eye steak for main) all expenses paid is a definite bonus :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask, I’ll help with what I can from my experience of the process.

Good luck everyone, and again - thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Oh, and I applied for Tax in Leeds.



Hi Kev370,

Congrats on getting an offer!! =) I’ve got my assessment day on tuesday and to be honest Im so nervous about it!! From what I gather theres not a great deal of preparation I can do for the e-tray exam or the group exercise? Did you do anything for this beforehand?

The most difficult bit for me at the moment is putting together a presentation, and what to do it on?! Please could you give me more detail on what you did and the kinds of questions they ask about it afterwards??

Also what other questions did they ask you aside from the presentation in the partner interview??

Sorry to bombard you with questions Im just so nervous about what its going to be like and what I need to do to prepare!!


Thanks aly226! I was SO relieved after the call, I can’t even begin to explain!

So, onto your questions.

Group/etray - I didn’t really do any prep, you can’t really prepare for it other than to read up on peoples experiences so you know what to expect when you sit down and do it. Just stay calm and focused - there’s nothing that is difficult there at all, just manage your time and try to decipher what they’re asking and where to find it and you’ll be fine.

Presentation - my advice is to pick a company and just go with it once you have, don’t deliberate - thats valuable research time! I did Primark, briefly talking about the company, its owners, its place in the market and its strengths and weaknesses, followed by two suggestions for expansion based on those weaknesses. Nothing particularly detailed or numerical, just ideas that I had. Questions were mostly just mildy explorative, no grilling whatsoever and provided you’ve actually had a think about what you’re saying you should be fine. I really don’t think it matters who you choose or what you suggest. I think the key is to come across as enthusiastic and as though you’ve actually put some thought into it and can justify your choices with reasoning, rather than umming and erring. If you know what I mean.

Interview - whilst still structured, its much lighter and less rigid than the First Interview. Basic compentencies - I was asked: what motivates me, a time when I had to coach someone, my proudest achievement, how I cope under pressure, why KPMG. why Tax, recent news about Ta. And thats it I think, after that I asked him what he enjoyed most about working there and why he had stayed for 14 years. All pretty standard and he was chatting with me about my responses rather than me just reeling off a story, so that was good. The question about tax news I just mentioned a couple tidbits - VAT going back up, income tax and capital gains tax increasing. I didnt even really know the details, HE ended up telling ME about it! I did also talk about how the Telecoms and Hospitality Industry had negotiated a 6 hr delay on the VAT increase from midnight New Years eve due to the chaos it would cause, and he didn’t actually know about that so we had a chuckle. Realistically, the 45 mins is not much time for much grilling after the presentation. Relax and be your usual friendly/professional self.

Hope that helps! Anything else just ask. I owe the community a LOT!



Thanks Kev370, its very useful. I too have AC on Tuesday (is yours in Birmingham aly226?) , eek!! Im feeling soooo scared and neverous mainly because I still havent decided what to do my presentation on! Ive been researching for days but cant decide. Eek!

Thanks for your advice.


hi kev 370

i have got my interview on coming monday. i m really struggling in answering the following question:

What problems do you think professional services firms are facing today?
What is your understanding of the credit crunch and how is it affecting KPMG?
What is the biggest challenge currently facing KPMG?

i would really appreciate if you can please help me to answer these questions.


hi kevin sorry to bother you again, i have been reading many threads and i came across this thing where people said that they talked about strategies to implement the suggestions they made, now i am quite confused here because if i am suggesting my company to add more product ranges so what kind of strategy can i suggest here?

did you suggest any strategies or you just talked about areas to expand on and did you do SWOT analysis?

out of interest which office did you get the offer for?



Hey NGill,

I posted a rather comprehensive answer on the thread about the challenges facing professional services firm.

Hope this will help.



I didn’t really talk about strategies for implementation of my suggestions, I spoke mostly about why I was implementing them. For diversifying product ranges I spoke about competitors, branching into different markets, opportunities, etc. No swot analysis per se or anything like that. Just background info, current strengths, potential areas for development and why.

I’m joining the Leeds tax office :slight_smile:


Hi Guys

Does anyone have any advice for preparing for the numerical online tests for KPMG. I have heard they are a lot harder then the ones for any of the other ‘Big Four’
Any advice ?



Yes they are harder

The sample tests they give you are nothing like the real ones

Do lots of practice

The KPMG tests usually have more steps/calculations to complete each question

The pass mark is lower though - about 40th percentile I think

You should get the results within 24 hours


yeah thts right they are lot harder. the only thng is loads of practice. i jst managed to do 14 or 15 i think n i got 67th percentile. only advice is tht the one u dont understand jst skip it rather thn wasting time on long calculations.