KPMG success: A bit of hope for all the worriers and "less than perfect" candidates...


Hi all,

Some posters will know I am a right worrier and have had lots of help form here so thank you… I have just been made an offer at KPMG (Tax)…

Rather than reinforce all the excellent and accurate start to finish posts I thought I would summarise all my faults etc to show you can can surmount them AND get an offer!

I) I am a( 30+) mature candidate and have an extremely chequered career history including dropping out of uni twice.
2) I eventually went to an ex-poly, part-time (I did get a first but still…)
3) My degree is not business related and I was very worried about this as did not feel I had the same “commercial awareness” I see evidenced here.
4) I only answered 6 questions on the numerical test confidently and made educated guesses on about 5/6 more and was sure I failed - but got through in the 32nd percentile (I was in 99th for verbal though)
5) I messed up the e-tray a little bit and got a 2 for the problem solving competency.

But…I got an offer! I think in the end I made a very good impression on the partner as I had prepared well and really listened and answered the questions as honestly and openly as I could most of which were personal to my circumstances and not of much general relevance here.

So nose to the grindstone to get all these faults sorted out and hello accountancy!

Good luck everyone!



Congratulations, and well done! It’s a sound move, and no doubt the beginning of a flourishing career in professional services (and beyond).