KPMG requirements?


Help me out here guys.

I made an application yesterday to KPMG Audit/ACA 2010, and I got a reply today.

And this is how my CV looks like:

1st class engineering degree from top 5 uni in UK (2008)
AAB in Alvl Maths/Physics/Geography
A/B in GCSE Maths/English
internship at engineering firm (UK)
internship at financial advisory firm (Hong Kong)

and the response I got was:
“…your academic achievements are not sufficiently strong to meet our current requirements…”

what is going on?!


What did you get in GCSE English and Maths? The min requirement is now an A.


I had a problem with requirements at KPMG but it is a case of getting hold of the right person to put forward your case. To be honest a B over an A at GCSE taking into account your performance after should not even be a real issue. Do not give up with it though, call them and explain.


These application requirements are getting ridiculous.

Are we cattle???


phnelson2008 - Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. I shall give them a call tomorrow and ask.

Messierchippy - haha.


I’m pretty certain that for Audit and Assurance at the other Big 4 they only require a grade B (or even C at PwC, I believe) for GCSE Mathematics.
However, in view of the fact that an A grade can be obtained with outrageously low marks (sometimes as low as 50%) I am not surprised that graduate recruiters are beginning to wake up to the issue of grade inflation.


I have ABBCCCC @ Scottish Highers and a 1st (Hons) Accountancy degree and am working in an accounts office just now. I got to the final stage with them, but was unsuccessful at this stage. Maybe it’s just the location you’re applying to but I’m sure you should meet the requirements with those qualifications!

Similar situation happened to me with RBS, they ask for a 2:1 and 300 UCAS points, with finance office experience being desirable.
I have 400+ UCAS points, a First AND actually work in an accounts office just now, but they rejected me straight off. I phoned to ask why and the guy on the phone tried to fob me off with ‘due to high number of…’ but I explained the situation to him and he went away to check why I was rejected. He returned to say it’s because the 300 points they want from your first sitting of highers/A levels (doesn’t say that online I don’t think? or didn’t at time) and that meant I had…288 lol.

A first and office experience totally ignored for 12 UCAS points, ideal!


To be fair I know the HR people who look at the submitted forms etc are just doing their jobs by going through a requirement check list but there is no common sense ever involved. If you do happen to have an issue with entry criteria it is best to contact the firm and try and get hold of somebody higher up in the organisation who may sympathise with your situation such as a partner etc who will obviously undertand the commitment and determination involved in getting a First Class degree.

I have also been told that sometimes application forms are not even looked at by a human being and are instead just reviewed by a computer and if it detects any failure to meet any of the criteria you just simply get rejected.


happend to me aswell i had 1st class degree in mathematics 400 ucas points A* in maths but a C in english i even explained the extenuating circumstances but someone called mattew parker turned out to be a right old w****er what makes me laugh is they sometimes even take people with 2:2 given the right excuse its an absolute joke


well i have an interview with them today and have got A in english at olevel and b in maths but they passed me through. reckon it depends who u get but they do take into account if u have done an a-level in maths usually as well


I think they have so many applicants now that they just have to draw a line. The education system is Britain is producing tens of thousands with the same grades. So pushing up the requirement to A at English GCSE will help a bit to eliminate some applicants but it will still leave the recruiters with too many to deal with.