KPMG Public Sector Audit 2014


I found this site so helpful - I can’t imagine having achieved the results I have without it! I don’t want to repeat everything that is covered in other threads, most of the 2013 threads explain everything very well already. I know there isn’t any specifically dedicated to public sector audit - so I thought I would offer any advice for those that might want it.

Thanks all!


Big con! Could you share some questions you encountered during the telephone interview? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sure, the ones I can remember are…

Why audit?
Why public sector audit?
Differences from big four?
Where do you see yourself in ten years time? (again, something like that!
Time you have learnt a new skill?
Time you have suffered a disappointment?
Time when you had to deal with a negative customer experience (something like that)
Two SJQ - One about an intern interrupts a presentation you are doing questioning the data collection methods in front of a client, what would you do? - The other I can’t remember sorry.
Tell me about a business doing well?
Tell me about a business doing badly? Quite a few sub questions on this ( I did it on the demise of Blackberry and think the interviewer was interested in the topic).

Then I had quite a few questions at the end ready to ask. It was a long interview but because It was done by somebody in the team I was applying for, It was much more enjoyable. I feel sorry for grad recruiters who must get bored out of their minds hearing the same sentences each day.

My personal advice is use specific facts and tangible results, I found this really helped myself and had much more success with this change.

Good luck!


Many thanks! Wish you all the best in your new career! =)


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I am applying for the Marketing Graduate Scheme September 2015.

I passed my Assessment Centre last week and am just waiting on a date for a final interview with a Senior Partner. Can anyone offer any advice on this stage of the process? I have found that there is much more information on every other stage of the process. Anything would be a great help and I am more than happy to offer advice on any of the other stages of the process if you PM me.

Many thanks,



Hi, I am considering applying for public sector audit. I have passed the numerical tests and I have a phone interview to arrange.

I just wanted to ask, what was your main reason for choosing public sector audit? Also, how are you finding it and what do you think would be different compared to the normal audit route (assuming you got a PSA job)?.

Was your assessment center separate or did it include those candidates who had applied just for “audit”?