KPMG - Prolongation of time to accept the offer


Today I have been offered a position in audit at KPMG (also thanks to this great forum, even though recruitment process differs in my country). The offer says that I have one week to make a decision. Is it possible to prolong this period somehow? Is it possible they would take it negatively in any way (yes, I am overcautios at current economic climate).
I want to know because I am having a final interview at EY and I would like to have the possibility to compare the two offers (provided I am successful at EY). I would need only like 1-3 extra days for the KPMG offer.


Just ring them and say that one week is very short notice to take a lifetime decision and could they possibly give you any extra week or two?
They are HUMANS too in HR.
They offered you the job so they want you and therefore it’s in their interest to be accommodating to your request, within reason. Asking for an extra week or two is quite reasonable.


I don’t know what it’s like in your country but in the UK I had absolutely no problem when I asked to get more time to make my decision. They actually offered me two months, although in the end I didn’t need this time to make my decision. I would give them a call and ask. I would recommend being honest as well. I told them that I was waiting to hear back from another interview and they said they would rather give me more time than force me into a decision that I might back out of later on.


That sounds reasonable and pretty much expected. I was afraid of mentioning that I need to wait for another big4 to make their decision.

So something like retracting an offer is not possible? Again, sorry for my extreme cautiosness, but the amount of unemployed graduates here is crazy…


Unemployment in the UK for UK graduates is very very tough at the moment and the current Government is doing nothing to help us.
What country are you in?


Czech Republic. Big4 are practically the only employers that are offering something like graduate/trainee schemes now.

How is it with the offer retraction? Do they have a right to do it? I would like not to do something wrong now.


In autumn/winter 2008 just when all the banking crisis was in full swing the city of London took a big hit in all areas of employment. A lot of banks and consultancies stopped recruiting graduates and some withdrew offers. Others sent the graduates off for 6 months on half pay (Accenture, for example).
Now the situation is calming down and recruitment seems to be more or less back to normal. However there is a significant increase in applicants to the big 4 and in PwC the ratio of applicants to jobs is something like 30 to 1 (someone confirm, please?)
Contracts are only being withdrawn if there is an issue with background checks.
This is the UK position.
I have read recently that KPMG in UK are increasing their grads intake. So, all in all we are getting back to better times in the traditional accounting sector, but overall we still have nearly 1m unemployed in the 18-24 age group.
You’ll be fine…stop worrying about something that will not happen.


I would just like to say a big thank you to this great forum. I have also been successful at Ernst & Young and will be accepting their offer. If you have any questions regarding the recruiting process then ask away, although I’m not UK based.


Vinczo, congratulations Good news in the finacial press today. E&Y have just won the Amec audit. That will be a tremendous boost to the smallest of the big 4.


My decision between KPMG and E&Y was based on several factors. EY pays me 12% more, offers better training and most importantly has best transfer conditions from part-time (which I have applied to, also called internship) employment to full-time. The transition is more or less “automatic” here, while at KPMG I would be only employed for 7 months of busy season and then my contract would be terminated (potential full-time offer starting the next busy season, so 5 months of unemployment in fact). The other thing is KPMG lost a lot of big clients last few years, and EY on the other hand seems to be prospering and has a lot of interesting clients. People/culture-wise it’s very simmilar, both companies are great. And I like EY offices a lot more as well :slight_smile:



If you call the Graduate Recruitment number on 0500 664 665 we can discuss time frames for accepting an offer should you need an extension.

Thanks, KPMG


It’s good to see that the Big Four et al are taking an active interest in this website.
Admittedly those graduates who use such forums will not be a truly representative sample of the applicants to the Accountancy profession. Nevertheless, the participants on here do voice some concerns over the apparent shortcomings of the whole application/interview experiences.
Notable examples include 1) rejecting applicants for seemingly minor, inconsequential and genuinely unintentional errors on an application form and 2) being told they have passed a stage in the process then being told they haven’t.


Hi, I would like to ask you few questions. What about your interview with HR, manager and partner? What did they ask? I’m from SR and I got through the first round (maths and english tests) and in a few days I will have second round. Hope, everything will be fine and i will get this job finally. Thanks