KPMG presentation !


I am having my AC hopefully on 26th Nov. As I am foreign applicant flying from Pakistan just wanted to decide which type of industry i should choose in my partner presentation. Since UK economy is stronger in services sector I have decided to choose some complex manufacturing company in my presentation.

If i choose a textile mill, a sugar mill or a rice mill coz agriculture related industies are backbone of my countrys economy. what do you think is it a good idea to choose anyone of these, coz partner may be having least knowlege about it? I have sound knowledge of all such industries and have worked in a textile company and worked as a trainee in Deloitte Pakistan for sometime visiting these type industries but have no knowledge of services sector.
Can anybody give his/her opinion?


Pick something you well know about, since you are going to be asked questions about it. If you don’t know much about the company you chose you’ll come across looking like you lack commercial awareness