kpmg presentation help


im doing a presentation on a independent mobile phone retailer

i just want to no how can kpmg help a mobile phone retailer im so confused

i no the can help with tax aspects and do their audit but what else
how can they help with their it service :S??

very confused can some one help me!


Do you have anything else you could perhaps do the presentation on that you’d know more about…?


no, because honestly i no so much more about this organisation, and im genuinely interested in it because i used to work for them… but how can kpmg help :S its 2mrw :S


Do you know how long will KPMG get replied after the AC? I have been waiting for 3 days already but havent heard back from them yet, does it mean a rejection?


Autumn - had my AC on the Monday, heard back from them on the Thursday. If you don’t hear back by close of tomorrow call them up.

Spider - look at KPMG’s grad recruitment page and all the various depts that you can apply to - they give overviews of the services that KPMG provide, was a real help to me when I was trying to think of stuff.


Maybe their IT advisory service can help the company to build a customer relationship management system? or better control the information flow of their daily operation to make their work more efficiently.


Thank you Joyrevision

Did they call u to let u know the outcome?

I called KPMG today and they said that they will get back to me by tomorrow 'coz they have not yet able to get hold of my interviewer.


Yeah the partner called me up and told me they wanted to offer me a position. :slight_smile: