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I have just checked AC dates and there is just one available at the minute for a week today (3rd December) Since my interview I have been trying to think about a company to do my presentation on and I have still not chosen!! Not sure whether to book on for this AC or if it’s stupid not to. I have an EY interview tomorrow and need to arrange a Deloitte one so I’m very busy preparing for those as well!

Anyway, I was thinking about doing Bhs. As I saw something on a website about how although it probably won’t fail it’s not doing too well and is a bit out of date. So I was thinking of proposing ideas along the lines of M&S.
Expanding into new areas, starting to sell tv’s etc, they have a Bhs card so thinking about saying they should look into doing insurance and other things like that.
Perhaps ensuring they have clear distinct ranges for different customers like M&S have with Per Una and autograph.
More advertising about the offers etc and what they have to offer. They still do a bridal section which not many department stores still do (neither of the two I’ve worked in anyway).
And general rebranding, ensuring they are aiming at the correct market, trying to get up to date - getting designers in for clothes and I saw something about they might be getting Gordon Ramsey in to design a kitchenwear range.

Am I going along the right lines? Because I don’t think I am being business-y enough and whether I am copying from M&S too much!
Any advice?


You are thinking along the right lines yeah - you need to also think about the services that KPMG can offer BHS too - like their tax teams, transaction services teams, IT advisory teams etc.

Is BHS a company that you’ll have most knowledge of? I chose the small local company that I work for currently and the partner told me he was actually genuinely interested as he was a bit tired of hearing about the major retailers all the time…

Best thing you can do is decide which one you’re going with, stick with it, and focus everything on getting that presentation written up and practised till you can do it in your sleep!


No I haven’t been in Bhs for years!! :S I’m so indecisive!
The thing is I’ve worked in retail but in department stores that are doing well and it’s hard to tell a department store to expand product ranges because they already seem to do everything!
I was also thinking of Primark. Like opening an online store and KPMG’s advisory teams could help with ensuring it was secure for payments. They’ve had trouble with ethical issues so promoting that a bit more and perhaps expanding their fairtrade products.
And then I wasn’t sure if you could say perhaps introduce a new range that it slightly more expensive but that focuses on the best quality possible.
Also they have opened stores in Spain so KPMG could help with any tax issues with this as well as looking into where else they could expand to in Europe.
God I am so worried about this presentation!!


Those are good suggestions for Primark - you’d perhaps have more to say with them and more that a partner could ask you about too than with BHS; but like I said once you decide which one you’ll need to stick with it or else you’ll do yourself in with panic and indecision.

I know there are posts on this forum which say that the presentation is enjoyable and to make the most of it - personally I think that’s rubbish; its bloody stressful and if you’re not prepared enough you’ll get caught out.

That being said though the partners are genuinely very nice people (they have to be to get to where they are) and they won’t go out of their way to make you fall flat on your face - they will be interested in what you have to say and to see if you have something going on between your ears.

I think you need to prioritise with your current situation. Book the KPMG one but leave it until after EY tomorrow, and then if you can put off thinking about Deloitte until after the KPMG AC. I had a nightmare with juggling different applications myself, one day I had a phone interview in the morning, then had to run off to the other side of the country for an interview with PwC (which I didn’t even get to the AC for!)…

Stick with it, this is character building stuff!


Hey guys,

I have KPMG AC coming up in 2 weeks…Just wanted to know whether they going to be retesting for the online numerical and verbal tests? I called the HR and she goes its very random, someone might be asked to do the test after the etray…

Also I wanted to know if anyone recently had AC, what kind of questions do the partners ask after the presentation?

Thanks a lot any help would be greatly appreciated.


They ask questions related to the company you’ve chosen and the suggestions you’ve made - so be prepared to justify your answers and have some idea about commercial awareness surrounding said suggestions - for example I was asked about the corporate tax rate in a country I’d suggested my company expand into; I didn’t have a clue about it but managed to get by it easy enough.


Thanks a lot for your help…I am still undecided about the company choice.!!

Rachel best of luck for today!! hope you get da offer by tomm!!


I didn’t end up booking it in the end. By the time my EY interview was out of the way all the places had gone. So I’m just working hard on my presentation ready for when another date is confirmed.


ohhk…They are holding assessment centres in Jan as well…I am going on the 16th…What division did you apply? Presentation prep is so scary…so much to cover.!! best of luck


I’m applying to tax in Leeds. What about you?


Advisory London.


I want to talk about Primark, but have no ideas…


hello, i have got a second interview at kpmg canary wharf for risk consulting(advisory) and im not sure what is going to actually happen even having done research.

You will need to allow approximately two hours for your final stage assessment and it will consist of the following activities:

  • Presentation
  • Partner interview
  • Analysis exercise
  • Self-review

Can someone tell me what is actually going to come up in each of these tasks.